1 Question Email Reading

1 Question Email Reading

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Paula has been reading professionally for over 20 years for clients all over the world.

Through the process of meditation and self hypnosis, I raise my vibrations and my guides lower their vibrations and we meet in the middle. As a channel, I act as the translator between my guides and my client. My guides and higher beings use my body and connect with me through my body, my energy and my mind. As I am sitting in front of you, my guides are very present, both within my space, my body and vibrations.

With the use of this method, they are happy to answer any type of question that you have and I will deliver their clear, accurate and compelling messages of love to help you transform your life. One thing I will never do is tell you what you want to hear - I will tell you what wisdom my guides have to offer you, with no sugar coating!

In your email reading, I will be happy to offer you the advice of my guides on any issue or situation you are currently experiencing.

Your questions will be channeled off, recorded for you and returned to you in an email.

After purchase of your questions, please send your questions to phunter@celestial-treasures.ca and she will respond to you within 3 business days as sometimes she is tied up with clients.

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