Exciting News For Celestial

Posted by Paula Hunter Borthwick on 6/1/2018 to News
Exciting News For Celestial
Wow, so where do I start? 

I hope you can bare with me as I have lots of new exciting things to tell you about!

Last year I started to feel a sense that I still wasn't in the right place after my guides asked me to return home about 4 years ago.  In 2016, I moved the store to St. George, where I was living and I thought this was what they were directing me to do.  At the end of last year, into this year, I realized there was more to the move than that.  I had dreams of other things that I wanted to bring into the mix but never seeming to find the time to do it. 

This year, things have been different!  The beginning of the year has brought many challenges for the store that I wasn't ready for.  Things were quieter, nothing that I seemed to do made a difference, and I had to take a long look on where I was going.  Through many frustrations, anger, tears and at times, and feeling helpless, I recognized that I wasn't listening to where I was being directed towards and that I was, not so gently, being forced to look at where I was sitting with my business and that I could no longer put my head in the sand to ignore things.  Change can be hard at times, it can be scary, but I realized that I needed to listen to my guides and stop being so stubborn about making changes.  It scared me as I understood that I had to leave some things behind to create better situations and things for myself and my business.  I realized that it was time to make some changes! 

As things are finally coming together, I am excited to let you all in on what has been happening and where the store is going!


As many of you know, I have made a decision to move from our current location to our property (10 acres).  I've been trying to put a bug in everyone's ear so that everyone is aware of this change.  It is now official and the move date has been set!

At the front of our property is a mobile home that we have been renting out over the years.  After much deliberation, talking with hubby and my guides, I decided to follow their request for me to "Go Home".  It was a tough decision as the space that I am in now is lovely, but there are a number of reasons for this move.

Our move date is at the end of June of 2018 (hopefully some warm bodied volunteers to help me
with my move).

I have been in the process of working in my space for a few weeks now and will continue to do so over the next few weeks in preparation for the move.  As it is a mobile home from the early 80's, it needs a bit of TLC.  It is my intention to continue to work in the space moving forward, as 
time and finances allow.

Our new address and phone number at the beginning of July:

321 Kelly Road, Canal, NB
(506) 321-0400
(5 minutes from where the store is located now)


With this move, the dynamics of the store will be changing.  The store will no longer be open 5 days a week and I will be downsizing it considerably but still keeping many of the staples such as crystals, jewelry, essential oils, bath bombs, soaps, pendulums, tarot/oracle cards, books and incorporating new wellness items, such as chaga and matcha teas, to name a few.

The store will be open 2 days a week (afternoons into early evenings) and at least one Saturday a month.  I will be hosting a booth (after I get moved) in a local flea market, here in St. George that is held from 9:00 am to 1:00 pm every Saturday (until September).  It plan to get out to other types of venues where I can begin to showcase my own products occasionally.

The other 3 days will be used for private sessions with clients and it will provide me with more time to work on other projects, courses, and will allow me to get my store more fully online and design more products for the store and clients.  I will be available for evening sessions, at least once a week for clients (this will change as required)

If you happen to be in the area and the store isn't scheduled to be open that day, you can give me a call and if I am available, I'll be happy to open the doors for you.  

I will be posting a calendar each month that will give you details on my hours for services and the store so you can be aware of the days and times, with the availability of it being viewed online or from any mobile device.


Some of you may be aware that in 2016, I began taking an Aromatherapy course that I had 2 years to complete.  It kept being put to the sidelines, as the day to day operations of the store kept me pretty busy.  In May of this year, I finally was ready and I wrote my exam with the Canadian Federation of Aromatherapists and after a 6 hour exam, I found out later that I passed my exam with an 87% overall in the course.

I was extremely excited and proud of myself for this accomplishment, as it was something I wanted to do for many years.

This certification (I will officially join the CFA later this year after I take my CPR/First Aid Training) will allow me to add aromatherapy to my business. 

An aromatherapist utilizes essential oils to enable the body’s natural healing process. As an aromatherapist, I am professionally trained in the properties of application and contra-indications of essential oils.

This training allows me to sit with a client, reviewing symptoms and issues they are having in order to define a course of action and to create a custom blend that will assist my client with what is troubling them. 

During my case studies, I made such products as pain creams and salves, headache roll on blend, hot flash roll on blend, anxiety roll on blend, psoriasis/eczema cream, stress synergy blends for diffusing, blends for allergies and so much more.

Some of these items will be sold in the store but I will also be available to work one and one with you to help create something custom, just for you!

I will be completing the second part of these studies with a bodywork course.  This will allow me to perform aromatherapy massages and facials, that will be incorporated into my service offerings at a later time.

Some of you may have heard me over the years, speak about wanting to get my Naturopath membership.  This has been many years in the works in order for me to qualify for this status.  

I am happy to announce, that as of May 30th, 2018 I have received confirmation with the Academy of Naturopaths and Naturotherapists of Canada that I have been accepted!

To say that I have been extremely excited about this is putting it mildly!

This has been a cumulation of a variety of different courses and learnings to receive this approval.  It is my intention to continue in this field with a Naturopathic Program of 1900 hours that I'm hoping to begin towards the end of the year, continuing to increase my knowledge to help my clients.  This course will give me more knowledge in such areas as nutrition, iridology, kinesiology, anatomy (more training) and so much more.  This training will allow me to qualify at a higher level as a Naturopath and will allowing me to accept by Blue Cross at a later time (The only insurer in New Brunswick that will not allow my coverage for now).

So, what does this Naturopath stuff mean to all of you?

Well, now that I have my confirmation (I'm awaiting some physical documentation to be sent to me), it allows me to have most of my services covered by my clients health care programs (not currently accepted by Blue Cross currently).  You must pay for your service up front and you can claim it as part of your health care program if your plan covers "Naturopaths". 

I will be rolling this out over the next few weeks, once I have everything in place.

I am so exciting for me to be able to offer this to my clients finally!

Services included:

-  Reiki Healing Sessions
-  Channeled & Medium Readings
-  Past Life Regression
-  Clinical Hypnosis (ie, stress, anxiety, stop smoking, sugar addiction, fears, phobias, etc.)
-  Aromatherapy Sessions (products not covered)
-  Counselling & Mentoring (I am an ordained Metaphysical Minister)

I will be providing more information regarding how this will work later as I am defining the system and designing forms/records to incorporate this change.

Since all this began, I am now realizing that I am being guided more into healing and I have understood better what that entails in my changes, and how the tools that I have been learning are 
all coming together, understanding that healing comes in many forms.

With these changes in mind, I made another big decision..... 


With all the changes the guides have been directing me towards, I have began to realize that I can't do everything!  This is a big part for the downsizing of the store, the physical move, and the move towards clients, becoming more service based, rather than product focused.

I thought about a name change for the longest time.  Making notes as ideas flashed through my mind but at the end of the day, I decided I didn't want to loose what I have spent 6 years creating.

So, with this thought in mind, I present to you our new name!

As of July of this year, we will be known as "Celestial Treasures Holistic Haven" moving forward.

Holistic medicine is a form of healing that considers the whole person -- body, mind, spirit, and emotions -- in the quest for optimal health and wellness. According to the holistic medicine philosophy, one can achieve optimal health -- the primary goal of holistic medicine practice -- by gaining proper balance in life.

I believe that the whole person is made up of interdependent parts and if one part is not working properly, all the other parts will be affected. In this way, if people have imbalances (physical, emotional, or spiritual) in their lives, it can negatively affect their overall health.

Haven:  A place of safety, refuge, rest or sanctuary.

I am creating a safe place where you can come to discuss issues that are troubling you, be it body, mind or spirit.  Through the approach of holistic and natural means, which in my case will be readings, hypnosis, aromatherapy, and counselling, I will strive to help you to heal - body, mind and spirit.

In 2008, I completed received my ordination as a Metaphysical Minister, along with my Bachelors and Masters of Metaphysical Science, with the International Metaphysical Ministry.  

In most of the provinces in Canada, this ordination is recognized by the provincial governments.  Here in New Brunswick, it is unfortunately not the case.  

I have was contact by the CMM this month to work with 2 other ministers in New Brunswick, to apply for recognition of our ministry and ordinations.  This will be a huge milestone for the CMM here in Atlantic Canada and for other ministers in the province.

This recognition will allow me to officially officiate marriages (along with other services) to legally sign the paperwork for a marriage service.

I am excited to be part of this endeavor moving forward and  I will be using my "Rev" status more often as we work on achieving this approval.

As you can imagine, this means many "Changes" for the store and for me and I have been focusing on this new creation of my business.

I am very appreciative of the many souls that I have met over the years of the store, and it is my desire to continue to help and assist, as it is my calling.  It has been difficult to make these decisions but I know in my heart, it is the direction of my calling, being able to assist people to the best of my ability, knowing it is the divine plan for me to help heal and awaken fellow light workers to their own divinity.  I don't profess to know exactly where my new path will take me but I have the faith that I will be guided, as I always have been.

I hope that you will continue to walk beside me during this transition and into my new adventure!

If you have any questions, feel free to give me a call at (506) 321-0400 or drop me an email at "phunter@celestial-treasures.ca"

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