Psychic Parties

Grab a group of friends in your home and Paula will be happy to join you, connecting you with your loved ones and her guides and angels, sending you their messages of love.

Paula's guides will answer any type of question that you may have and connect with your loved ones and pets on the other side in the privacy of your home or in our facilities.

As part of your group session, Paula will connect with Spirit that is present and those who you would like to connect with.  Simply ask for the connection and Paula's guides will assist her in connecting with the individual or pet that you are seeking a message from. 

Allowing you to ask question ensures that you receive messages that are important to you and allows Paula to answer more questions for your group.

A group session is a minimum of $180 for an hour of channeling (minimum 6 people).  

Paula will be happy to accommodate  larger groups in your facility or ours for a charge of $30 per person per hour of channeling.

If you would like a group session for more time, we will be happy to accommodate this for you (up to sessions of 2 hours in length for your group).

If your party is outside of the St. George, NB area, a travel charge will be applied (typically $25 for the areas just outside St. George, NB).

To book your party, contact Paula at 506-755-6212 or 506-321-0400 or via email at "" to book your party or to ask any further questions.