Paula Hunter BorthwickI have been reading professionally for over 20 years for clients all over the world.

Through the process of meditation and self-hypnosis, I raise my vibrations and my guides lower theirs and we meet in the middle to connect.  As a channel, I act as the translator between my guides, angels and higher beings as the connect to me through my body and my energy.  As much as I am sitting before you your a session, these higher guides are very much a part of my own energy as they step in to my psychical frame and they speak through my essence.

My guides will be more than happy to answer any type of question that you may have during your session and with their assistance, I will deliver you their clear, accurate and compelling messages to help you transform your life, always coming from a place of love and never judgement.  I will tell you what I hear, with no sugar coating, not what you want to hear.  My guides will answer any information regarding the past, present or future situations.

I have 9 different guides that channel through me on a regular basis and I have given my permission for other higher beings to offer their guidance to you during your session, if they feel they have information that is important to you.

I have channeled such wondering beings as Archangel Michael, Gabriel, and Uriel, The Council of 5, The Intergalactic Federation, St. Germaine, and I AM, to name just a few.

If you have a desire to connect with a departed loved on or pet and they haven't already shown up in your session, I will be happy to connect to them for you.  You simply need to ask and my guides will assist me in connecting with the energy of your loved one so that they may communicate with you, through me.

You are welcome to bring a recording device for your session as I no longer record your session due to the higher energies interfering with my recording programs.

With my method of reading, my client does not need to be physically present as I listen to the information given to me from my guides, just for you.  I am still able to provide you with accurate information whether you are present or not.  This allows me to provide my sessions over the phone, email, skype and other forms of media.

As with all things, never forget that you have free will in your life and as such, you are the creators of your own destiny.  We merely offer you suggestions and information to assist you along your path.

Book your session with me today and benefit from the information my guides can provide you, always given freely with love.  Contact me at 506-755-6212, 506-321-0400 or via email at "".

For more information about me, check out my bio under "About Us".
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