Here's what some of my clients had to say:

"She was very professional and made myself who was a skeptic a believer... she knew things about my cousin who passed that only close family members knew... it was an amazing experience! Thank you so much Paula!!!
Nicole Chevarie

"5 stars isn't enough for this incredible, helpful and kind woman.  I was absolutely destroyed when my best friend was killed in a car accident and wanted more than anything to speak to him again.  Paula INSTANTLY picked up on him and allowed us to speak again and clear up the questions that haunted my mind.  Her advice is excellent. The energy is wonderful. Please, if you have a troubled mind and having been mourning over friends and family on the other side, speak to Paula Hunter. I can not praise her enough, I will definitely be doing business with her again."

Christina Clark

"I felt committed to loosing weight but wasn't able to do it on my own. I have tried other programs without success and felt hypnosis was the way I wanted to go. Then I heard about Paula's program 'Virtual Gastric Band Weight Loss' and new I wanted to try it. This is the easiest way to loose weight I have experienced and will continue with the program.

I have since been to Paula for another type of hypnosis session for restless leg syndrome with success as well.

Thank you Paula for your patience and compassion. I look forward to our next session together in your lovely new location."
Dawn Rae

"I had my doubts , I'm somewhat of a skeptic and a person that needs to "know" things for myself. I saw Paula in May, the atmosphere was relaxing and it's obvious she has a warm heart. Everything she told me came to pass in the timeline that she gave me, No vagueness or doubt she was dead on!

Looking forward to my next visit to her!"

"Paula has been a VERY big help. I am glad that there is someone we can learn from, who is not just around for the money. Lots of love."

"I would like to comment on my session in 2015 with Paula. I had the past life regression done. It changed my life. I have been able to let go of so much in this life that affected me in my past lives.

I have had memories of past lives come clearer to me because of the session I had with Paula. I feel because of this one session I have grown into a better person. Understanding more of why I felt the way I did about issues in my life. And realizing that they had taught me valuable lessons I carried on to this life. And to let go of some that have no meaning for me now.

I cannot wait to have another session so I can release more and grow more in myself.  It has made quite the impact on my life now!
Many thanks Paula.

Jane Hess

"I met with Paula for a reading in her shop and walked out with such a great experience. She validated so many answers to things and told me things about people that passed and info that only I would know. She is amazing, truly amazing. Since then I have submitted questions to her online and I am a true believer with Paula. She described people in my life with such accuracy and even answered a question that I couldn't understand at the time and did question until I talked with my husband that night and he validated something she said that even I didn't know. The one word to describe Paula is amazing. I highly recommend her abilities to everyone!"
Laurie - Amazing!

"A few months ago, I had my first session with Paula. Many family members stepped forward and I was impressed with the information she was able to acquire from them. She was very patient with my relentless questioning. I really appreciated her compassion and understanding while relaying information during the reading. The session left me better prepared to deal with problems ahead of me.

Thanks Paula!"
Susan Little

"A little while ago I went with a friend to a group reading for the very first time. At first I was thinking to myself that this is fake. When Paula came out and started to answer questions from the group I started to think to myself again should I ask a question about my father. All of a sudden Paula looked at me and said you have a question. I was a deer in a headlight. I didn't know what to think. I asked the question and she was able to say things that only I knew. She changed me from a non-believer to a strong believer."

Simon Williams

"It was such a pleasure meeting you. You were so kind, generous and caring. The session was simply amazing. I feel a sense of relief ~ like a ton of weight has been lifted off my shoulders although there is so much on my plate for the next few months with the move and the job loss. I look forward to seeing all that life has to offer me. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!"


"I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart and soul for reigniting my faith. There is no way you could have known about my property that we want. I am attaching pictures of it.  It has 125 acres, several outbuildings that will be used as part of the event planning business AND 2 houses as you have said. There are not that many properties with two houses.  We have wanted this property for years and years. Yes, we want to be a one stop shop, a menu of service.  They will choose as much or as little as they want. Thank you so much but I wanted to provide you with some confirmations as well.

May your business continue to grow and stay true! We will definitely come back to St. John and I will definitely do another read with you!"

"I booked a Reiki appointment with Paula because I had some blockages that would keep coming up during meditation. I knew nothing about Reiki or what to expect. I had a hard time relaxing because I am the type of person who needs to see what is going on all the time. Once I relaxed the Reiki session was awesome. Life changing actually. Once she was done colours looked brighter, my head felt clear and all my worries and past regrets were gone. I can now easily still and ground and also feel as though i have a purpose in life."

Thank you Paula!
Lisa Mcdonald

"I had a reading done by Paula today and feel like I had a 100 pound weight lifted off of my shoulders. Things that were troubling me are know longer left unanswered. I have some peace with the loss of my parents. I also know what things I need to do to have the future I want. Thank you so much Paula you are a truly gifted lady."
Joanne Nadeau

"I had a reading done with Paula today and I have to say it was a great experience. I have had my cards "read" before but never like this. I am still amazed . I highly recommend her to anyone seeking answers and enlightenment . Thank you so much Paula and I will be stopping in again :)"