Using Essential Oils

Posted by Paula Hunter Borthwick on 3/11/2018 to News
Using Essential Oils
I wanted to share with everyone a short little video that I made regarding essential oils.   

There has been an influx of individuals that are seeking a more holistic way to their health.  As I have been studying Aromatherapy for the past year, preparing to write my exam with the CFA (Canadian Federation of Aromatherapists) I have begun to notice how much information is out on the great wide web about using essential oils.

It seems everywhere I look there are individuals selling MLM (Multi-level Marketing) essential oils.  I think it is great that there are individuals that are seeking to create a small business doing this.  However, what I have been seeing as a trend is that these individuals are promoting the use of these oils without safe knowledge.  Now, I'm not saying that this applies to everyone who sells these oils but I've seen many recipes, videos and blogs that are telling their clients to use these oils in an unsafe way. 

Just yesterday I saw a post on Facebook from an aromatherapy group that I belong to asking for our thoughts.  A post had been made in another group that she belonged to looking for a specific MLM blend for her child.  The child was about 1 year old.  There were a number of people offering to sell her the blend.  The problem with this is that this blend which she was told would be great for her child is comprised of at least 2 essential oils in it that shouldn't be used in children. 

I saw another video where an individual was saying that essential oils are all natural and safe to use all the time.  While this is somewhat true, the fact is that essential oils, when not used appropriately, can cause issues.  There can be issues with toxicity, even with a natural product. 

I am beginning to see more and more information out there from this perspective and to be honest, its a bit of a scary thing. 

I feel that by educating you, the consumer, we can begin to make some changes to how these oils are being used.  

By asking questions from the businesses that you purchase your oils from, you will become more educated to ensure that you and your family can use these oils and products in a safe manner. I merely touched on a few issues, using an example that I came across the other day.  

I encourage discussion and it is my hope that with the continuation of my studying, that I can continue to assist my clients and customers.


Paula Hunter Borthwick is a professional Psychic Medium, Reiki Master, Clinical Hypnotist and owner of Celestial Treasures.  She is currently studying Aromatherapy and will be writing her exam for her certification in April 2018. 

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