Amethyst Tumbled Crystal

Amethyst Tumbled Crystal

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Pieces may vary from the picture, though pictures were taken from my stock. Sizes of tumbled crystals will vary.

Amethyst is the all around stone for every collection and I consider it to be one of my staples. It is a stone of “spirituality and contentment” that balances energies and clears the aura. It is known as a stone of meditation that helps to calm and create peacefulness. Amethyst protects against psychic attacks and helps to provide common sense.

Amethyst helps business affairs to prosper and assists in assimilation of new ideas. It is good for insomnia, hearing disorders, posture, sympathetic nervous system, endocrine glands, stabilizing mental disorders, digestive tract, heart, stomach, skin & teeth.

Amethyst is excellent for one attempting to find freedom from addictive personalities, such as smoking.

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