Bali Soap Nuts

Bali Soap Nuts

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Soap nuts are the berry/fruit from the tree, Sapindus mukorossi. This small tree is indigenous to Southern Asia. These berries naturally contain Saponin, a natural soap like compound. For centuries, many cultures in Asia have utilized these fruits for bathing and laundry soap. Now with greater awareness of the potential health risks of using chemical detergents for personal laundry, households in the west are turning to the natural simplicity of Soap nuts.

Why soap nuts are a good alternative to chemical laundry detergents:

- No harmful chemical residues put into your clothing and hence into contact with your skin (safe for babies and those with sensitive skin).

- Prevents toxic chemicals from being washed down your drain and into our environment. Soap nuts are completely biodegradable!

- Helps villagers with a sustainable livelihood rather than promoting large chemical companies.

- Promotes the use of existing forests, rather than their destruction for cultivated crops.

- Reduce greenhouse gasses! Unlike the productions of chemical detergents, no carbon energy wa sburned to make the soap nuts.