Citrine Ring - 170701

Citrine Ring - 170701

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Citrine creates with its vibrations a protective aura around the body. It stabilizes the brain, has a positive effect on the psyche and nervous system. This mineral is useful for chronic fatigue syndrome, it regulates the endocrine system, helps to clear the toxins from the body and cleanse the skin. The stone helps with allergies, liver, spleen, gall bladder deceases and stimulates the gastrointestinal tract. At climacteric syndrome the healers recommended to drink the elixir, infused with citrine.

Citrine is a powerful energy purifier and regenerator. It is able to cleanse the chakras, to conduct spiritual energy, endow intuition. Aligning the subtle bodies with the physical, citrine purifies and balances them. In magic, citrine is used to improve the skills and increase the magical powers. Meditation with citrine fills the person from the inside with the sunlight and the energy required to achieve the objectives of the current incarnation.

Citrine is known as the merchants stone and is great for creating abundance.

This ring is sterling silver and is size 8.5.

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