Evening With Spirit Online Event

Evening With Spirit Online Event

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Join me for an evening with the guides and spirit in the privacy of your own home!

Paula will be channeling and giving you an opportunity to see what she does, ask some questions of the guides or connect with a departed loved one and see what information the guides wish to bring forward for you.
Paula has been channeling for over 25 years and has worked for various online companies during this time and there is no difference in the information that she can provide whether you are sitting in front of her or across the country in front of your computer. All her information comes from her guides and spirit, therefore distance plays no part in the information that you will receive.
During this online session, Paula will take questions from those attending regarding anything past, present or future, as well as connect with your departed loved ones and pets, simply ask her and her guides will assist her in making the connection.

Channeling is a natural form of communication between humans and angelic beings, nature spirits, non-physical entities, Ancients or even animals and pets. A channeler is very similar to a translator or interpreter.

During this form of telepathy, most channels merge their own aura (energy field) with the energy field of the spirit, thus achieving a good mental connection. Often not only thoughts can be transmitted, but also images and even feelings. The channeler receives the information at an intuitive or feeling level, and then their mind converts the raw information into words. Contrary to popular belief, entities do not generally use human languages because it is considered awkward and clumsy. The richer essence of their message is conveyed through an elegant series of sensory feelings. The channeler then attaches human words to the communications for the understanding by themselves or other humans.

This event will be delivered via Webinar online. Once payment is made you will receive a confirmation of payment. Prior to the event, you will receive a link to the interactive online event.

This event can be viewed from your computer, phone or tablet device.

Payments can be made through checkout (Paypal) or you can send me an email transfer for $25 plus HST ($28.75) to phunter@celestial-treasures.ca.

If you have any questions about this event, please feel free to drop me a line at phunter@celestial-treasures.ca.

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