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Home & Business Clearings

Home & Business Clearings

A clearing (smudging) is often carried out for the purpose of clearing negative energy out of a space and inviting in peace and harmony to fill it.

In our busy lives, we can have people in and out both of our homes and businesses on a regular basis.  People, along with everything else that surrounds us in our lives, have energy and this energy goes with us where we go.

Typically, that wouldn't be a problem but as life has it, we have our up's and down's.  When we remain in higher energy, this isn't a problem.  When we find ourselves in situations that are challenging or emotional, our energy may not be the greatest and can impact both our own energy fields and the energies that we live in and surround us on a daily basis.

​These energies can collect in a space and cause energy blocks and other issues, such as emotional situations in our spaces.  These energies can affect our personal and business spaces in negative ways so clearing these spaces on a regular basis is very beneficial and you can feel and notice the results straight away.

There are also instances where "spirits" can become trapped in an environment and can cause havoc to the people who share their space.  This doesn't mean that every spirit is bad but that at the end of the day, we all deserve to find our way home.  Sometimes spirits just become stuck or trapped and they too require assistance to pass into the afterlife.

A clearing can be simply refreshing the energies, such as when you move into a new home, removing the old energies of the past tenants to assisting spirits, who may be lingering in the space, to cross over.

Working with the Loyalist City Paranormal group has given me further opportunities to work with spirit from the medium perspective.  Although I love investigation, I also like helping not just human form but from a spirit perspective as well.  Many times, they just need some assistance and understanding from someone who can understand them.  Other times, you may be dealing with a negative energy.  As I tend to put it.... I don't like bullies whether they are in this lifetime or the next.

I am available to provide my services of energy/spirit clearings for your home or business.



​Clearings can range in prices from $60 for a simple clearing to $125 for more difficult situations.  Investigations are always free from the Loyalist City Paranormal.  When I know what I need to address after an investigation, I can then return to assist the client based on the findings. 

There are costs associated for clearings and donations for investigations (this helps with our travel and for equipment).

If you haven't had an investigation with the group but are still requiring a clearing of spirit or negative entity, I still require a investigation from the psychic perspective to know what I need to deal with and this is completed at no charge.

Once I know what I am dealing with, how easy or difficult the situation is, what tools I need to bring with me, whether a simple saging or a more intricate assistance of spirit removal, closing portals, gridding with crystals, etc., I will return to provide the clearing.  The amount will be based on the work/energy work required and will always be agreed upon prior to the clearing.  I work with high beings, guides and angels who assist me with my work and with the clearing process.

If you have any questions regarding a clearing, feel free to drop me a line. 

If you would like to book a clearing of your home or business, drop me an email at phunter@celestial-treasures.ca or contact me at the store at (506) (506) 755-6212.

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