Vesuvianite Tumbled Crystal

Vesuvianite Tumbled Crystal

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Vesuvianite is more commonly known in healing circles as Idocrase and is composed of hydrous calcium magnesium aluminium silicate. Vesuvianite is transparent to opaque and the colours of this mineral are brown, olive green, yellow, and red/blue (Cyprine). A compact massive form of vesuvianite is known as Californite which is often sold as California Jade.

Vesuvianite provides a link to the higher self and the information it offers to the soul in incarnation. Psychologically, it releases feelings of imprisonment and restraint. It is helpful for healing past-life experiences of being a prisoner, of extreme danger, or of mental or emotional restraint; it gently dissolves anger and alleviates fear, creating inner security.

Vesuvianite has powerful mental connections. It opens the mind and clears negative thought patterns so that the mind can function more clearly. It stimulates inventiveness and the urge to discover, linking this into creativity. Vesuvianite can be used to promote loyalty to mankind.

It represents cooperative effort and is a wonderful stone to present to newly-weds, business associates, friends and acquaintances. It also assists in the control of the creative and intuitive aspects of the inner realm. Unlocks and stabilizes the mental faculties, helping to clear negative thought patterns from the mental, emotional, an physical bodies and helps one to recognize that which is important to further ones advancement along the spiritual path.
This stone heals the emotional heart and increases your zest for life. It opens your heart to joy, lifts depression and a lack of desire for living. Green Vesuvianite promotes the courage to open to love and change. It will draw prosperity and abundance to you. It supports those with poor blood circulation, high blood pressure, anemia and heart disease.

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